Meet The Team

In the afterglow of the highly successful Auckland showcase ‘100 Harps’ in 2018, we felt the harp community had definitely come to a place where the possibility of a bigger event would be well received. Even in 2019 as we put out feelers, and an expression of interest form, the feedback from around the world shouted ‘let’s do it!’ to us, and our initial date, June 2021, went into the diaries! Then along came the pandemic, and all the challenges it brought with it. But there are always silver linings, and while we had to postpone Harp Fest 2021, we were soon in the throes of a more comprehensive event, with so much interest from international guests that our previous event plans looked​ minuscule in comparison.

With all the new harp connections resulting from many more hours involved in international online harp events, and the upsizing of Harp Fest NZ 2023, our NZ contingent of Anna, Bronwyn, Raewynn, Kate and Joanne expanded to include our Talking Harps connection Victoria (Canada). Together, we are the mainframe of the Harp Fest NZ 2023 committee.
We also would like to acknowledge the help that we have had from our guests, when we’ve needed to pick their brains, and our other harp friends and connections who have been a sounding board or provided other ideas for how we can make Harp Fest NZ 2023 an even more exciting event.

Anna Dunwoodie

Artistic Director.

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Bronwyn McConchie

Committee Member.

Kate Dodds

Committee Member.

Raewynn Robertson

Committee Member.

Victoria Johnson

Committee Member.

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