Harp Sculpture Competition


We’re already so enamoured with the harp, and we think it’s not only a beautiful sound, but also visually it's beautiful, so we want to bring others from the community into the harp world with this unique competition – to create your own harp sculpture. It’s a way for other creative people to be involved in the harp community – whether you play the harp or not, and you don’t even have to be musical – you just need to get your thinking hat on and decide how you want to repurpose materials and turn them into a sculpture of a harp.
All the entries into the Harp Sculpture competition will be displayed at Harp Fest NZ 2023 (3-6 February), at Dilworth School, Auckland, in the main foyer of the marketplace.

Classes and Prizes

There are two age classes – 12 and under (on 1 December) and 13-18 years, and in each age class there are two prizes: First prize $150 and Second prize $100.
At Harp Fest NZ 2023, there will be a people choice vote: the sculpture with the most votes will receive a $50 prize.

What are the expectations for the competition?

It must be easily recognisable as a harp.

For the purposes of this competition, a harp has a soundbox (body) and is triangular in shape with strings running between the body and one of the sides of the triangle.
The proportions are 3 units high (not more than 90 centimetres), 2 units deep (not more than 60 centimetres) and 1 unit wide (not more than 20 centimetres).

Your sculpture needs to be able to stand up, or be supported in some way so it can be displayed.

The harp does not need to produce a sound – we are looking at it as a creative sculpture, not a functioning instrument. It is a representation of a harp from an artist’s point of view. It’s your aim to capture the essence of the beauty of the harp without trying to replicate the sound.

It must be made from recycled materials – get creative – what can you find that you can repurpose to become as aspect of your sculpture – old fishing line, knitting wool, rope, shopping bags, dried flowers/plants, plastic drink bottles, boxes, feathers, buttons, gourds, shells, gift boxes.

How to enter the competition?

The Harp Sculpture Competition closes on 1 December 2022. When your entry is completed, please complete this GOOGLE FORM and contact us at [email protected] to arrange for the drop off or to courier the sculpture(s). Please contact us as there may be several entries from your school and we can arrange a convenient time.

Each entry needs to be named and have a contact phone number attached to it.

Please give us a few sentences to describe the reasons you have created your harp sculpture in this way.
What materials did you use?
What is the name of your sculpture?
Tell us one other important thing about your scuplature.

The entries will be judged on...

The most original interpretation of the theme
Most imaginative use of materials
The aesthetic qualities of the form and technical construction

Harps and harp-like instruments have been around for 100s of years...

Download this "What is a Harp?"INFORMATION SHEET for some quick facts about the harp.

For more information on the history of harps, visit: